Cup Noodle Museum(Minatomirai)

Step by Step

  1. This popular spot in Yokohama is visited by around 1.000.000 people every year
  2. In this hands-on museum you can see, feel and eat Cup Noodles
  3. Here both children and adults can have fun
  4. How to visit the Cup Noodle Museum(From Minatomirai Line, Minatomirai Station)
  5. Leave through the Ticket Gate
  6. Head towards Exit 5
  7. Continue straight after leaving the station
  8. Turn right at the crossing
  9. Cross the street and turn right
  10. Walk straight for a little while
  11. Arrival at the Cup Noodle Museum
  12. Adults are 500 Yen,Highschool students (and below) are free of charge
  13. Let’s go inside
  14. On the second floor you can learn about Cup Noodle history
  15. In the gallery you can find some historical Cup Noodle items
  16. Here, the hurdles of Nissin founder Momofuku Ando are presented
  17. A display of the cup noodle developments circumstances
  18. Here you can eat noodles of many different countries
  19. On the third floor you can create your very own cup noodles
  20. You can pick from 4 different soup bases and up to 4 different toppings
  21. Please visit the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama for either a date or tourism