Step by Step

  1. In this Izakaya you can eat the fish you caught in the store
  2. This is a fun place for both children and adults
  3. Here you can eat fresh fish for a reasonable price
  4. How to visit Zauo(from JR Shinjuku Station)
  5. Head towards the West Exit
  6. Go upstairs
  7. After leaving the station, turn left
  8. Follow the path for a little while
  9. Cross the street to your right
  10. Cross the street
  11. Again, cross the street
  12. Walk straight for a little while
  13. Cross the street
  14. Enter the WASHINGTON HOTEL
  15. Arrival at Zauo
  16. Let’s go inside
  17. In this bar you can catch your own fish
  18. They will prepare the fish you caught yourself
  19. Due to the plentiful menu, we recommend this place for lunch as well
  20. How about visiting this place for enjoying some fresh fish dishes?