Step by Step

  1. A very popular Tonkotsu Ramen shop with a long queue outside
  2. The seat is at the counter and divided into booths
  3. The order sheet contains english so ordering is easy
  4. Tonkotsu Ramen shop, using natural pork bone broth
  5. Many tourists come to eat
  6. Buy a ticket with the machine
  7. The seats with a green lamp are open
  8. Individual booths help you focus on the taste
  9. Use the call button to call the waiter
  10. Write your desired taste and noodle type on the order sheet
  11. The specifics of ordering can be found in the shop
  12. Each seat has a self-service water tap
  13. The ramen arrives from behind the screen
  14. Why not come here to enjoy a special Tonkotsu ramen?
  15. How to visit Ichiran (from JR Shibuya Station)
  16. Take the Hachiko Exit and head to the Scramble Crossing
  17. Cross the road
  18. Walk straight
  19. Arrival at Ichiran