Volks Akihabara Hobby Paradise(Akihabara)

Step by Step

  1. A shop recommended for anime fans
  2. You can buy popular figures and plastic models here
  3. Many people visit this shop from abroad
  4. There are 8 floors from the ground floor B1 to the seventh floor
  5. The wide range of the lineupOf popular Anime figures is attractive
  6. You can also buy imitation swords and other things here
  7. They also handle goods of works from oversea
  8. Another charm of this shop isThat you can find used rare items here
  9. If you are an anime fan,We recommend visiting this shop
  10. Directions to Volks Akihabara Hoppy Paradise(From Akihabara Station)
  11. Head to the Electric Town South Exit
  12. Leave the station and cross the street
  13. Turn right
  14. After walking for a bit…
  15. Arrival at Volks Akihabara Hobby Paradise