MOGRA (Akihabara)

Step by Step

  1. MOGRA is a club located in Akihabara, the forefront of Otaku culture
  2. You can enjoy Otaku and Club culture here
  3. Hear a mix of Club, Anime, Vocaloid, Idol, Game music
  4. The dance floor is underground
  5. Enjoy a variety of liquor at the bar
  6. Loud anime songs played at the dance floor
  7. Anime Song Matrix is a popular event on first Saturdays each month
  8. Dance along to a mix of club and anime songs
  9. Many anime fans visit from abroad
  10. Why not visit to enjoy club and otaku culture?
  11. How to visit MOGRA
  12. From JR Akihabara Station
  13. Start from Akihabara Station Central Exit
  14. Exit the Central-North Exit
  15. Turn right
  16. Cross the crosswalk
  17. Turn left
  18. Walk straight
  19. Cross the crosswalk
  20. Keep walking straight
  21. Cross the crosswalk
  22. Turn right
  23. Turn left
  24. Arrival at Mogra
  25. Show your ID to enter
  26. Pay entrance fee
  27. Enjoy a drink and conversation at the lounge
  28. Put your baggage in a coin locker