Maach Ecute(Akihabara)

Step by Step

  1. A mall set inside a renovated station
  2. Here you will find various specialized stores and interior design shops
  3. The delicious gourmet food found here is also reason for this place’s popularity
  4. This mall uses the remains of an old station as a building
  5. Here you will find anything from various goods, over interior design products to gourmet food.
  6. How about enjoying shopping or eating delicious food here?
  7. Leave via the Electric Town Gate
  8. Leave the station via the Electric Town South Exit
  9. Turn right
  10. Cross the street to your left
  11. Walk straight
  12. Cross the street
  13. Cross the street on your right as well
  14. Turn left
  15. Cross the bridge
  16. Arrival at mAAch ecute