Tokyo Character Street(Tokyo station)

Step by Step

  1. An area with many popular character shops
  2. Perfect for shopping for souvenirs and presents
  3. It is popular among anime fans and children
  4. A spot with many stores selling anime and manga character goods
  5. Pokemon Store
  6. Selling train motif goods that remind you of Tokyo Station
  7. Tokyo Gashapon Street
  8. You can enjoy Gashapon of various characters
  9. Donguri Kyowakoku
  10. A store where you can buy world famous Ghibli goods
  11. Snoopy Town Mini
  12. A “Peanuts” official store full of Snoopy goods
  13. Jump Shop
  14. Lined with popular anime goods like ONE PIECE and Naruto
  15. Hello Kitty Store
  16. Here you can buy various Hello Kitty goods
  17. Precure Pretty Store
  18. It has Precure original goods popular with children
  19. Why not shop various character goods here?
  20. How to visit Character Street from JR Tokyo Station
  21. JR Tokyo Station
  22. Exit JR Tokyo Station via Yaesu North Exit
  23. Walk straight
  24. Go down the stairs to your left hand side
  25. Arrival at Tokyo Character Street