Kappabashi Street(Asakusa)

Step by Step

  1. A place where cooking utensils specialty shops gather
  2. Many people like professional chefs and tourists visit this place
  3. The elaborate food sample are popular
  4. A historical wholesaler street since the Meiji era
  5. Today there are more than 170 tool stores
  6. The food sample specialty stores are popular with tourists
  7. There are no kitchen utensils you cannot buy here
  8. The charm of this place is that you can buy very cheap dishes due to sales
  9. How about visiting this place for sightseeing or shopping?
  10. Directions to Kappabashi Street from Subway Tawaramachi Station
  11. Leave through the Ticket Gate and head towards Exit 2
  12. Leave the station and continue straight
  13. Cross the street
  14. Cross the street to your right as well
  15. Arrival at Kappabashi Street