Senso-ji temple(Asakusa)

Step by Step

  1. The Senso-ji temple, representative for Asakusa
  2. Many tourists visit this place as well
  3. Inside this fascinating tourist spots premises you will find many points of interest
  4. We recommend taking a memorial picture of the symbol of Asakusa: The Kaminarimon
  5. You can find many souvenir stores on the “Nakamise“ Street
  6. You can buy various Japanese souvenir goods as well as traditional Japanese sweets here
  7. Once you walk through the Hozomon gate you can see the main temple
  8. You can buy Omikuji (fortunes) and Omamori (Amulets) here
  9. Tie your Omikuji around one of these rods after checking your fortune
  10. This smoke is supposed to heal the bad parts of your body
  11. Head towards the main temple after cleansing your hands here
  12. Throw in your monetary offering and pray here
  13. How about visiting the Senso-ji temple when visiting Asakusa?
  14. How to visit the Senso-ji Temple(From Subway Asakusa Station)
  15. Head towards Exit 1
  16. Leave the station and continue to the left
  17. Walk straight
  18. Arrival at the Senso-ji temple