How to ride the Water Bus(Asakusa)

Step by Step

  1. Tourism but a little different from the usual trains and busses
  2. Here you can enjoy transport while looking at Tokio’s most famous tourist locations
  3. A popular way of transport for tourists
  4. The way to the Water Bus stop from Subway Asakusa Station
  5. Metro Ginza Line, Asakusa Station
  6. Leave through the Gate at head towards Exit 5
  7. Leave the station and turn left
  8. Turn left again
  9. Arrival at the ticket vendor
  10. You can buy your ticket at this machine (Adults 780Yen, Children 390Yen)
  11. Move up to the 2nd floor
  12. When the time has come, follow the lead of the personnel
  13. Ride the boat
  14. The interior of the boat is spacious and comfortable
  15. On this Water Bus you can enjoy the scenery while moving to the next location
  16. We recommend the Water Bus as you can enjoy the view and relax while moving
  17. We recommend this way of transport when visiting Tokyo as a tourist