Step by Step

  1. A famous meeting spot in Shibuya
  2. Many tourists come to see this statue
  3. It is also popular as a commemorative photo spot
  4. Hachiko, the symbol of Shibuya
  5. The dog Hachiko became popular for waiting 10 years for his deceased owner in front of the station
  6. Many visitors take pictures together with the Hachiko statue
  7. The Hachiko statue also is a popular meeting spot
  8. The green train in front of the statue is a tourist information office
  9. Inside you’ll also find a currency exchange machine
  10. How about meeting up at the Hachiko statue When visiting Shibuya
  11. Start from the JR Hachiko Gate
  12. After walking for a little bit…
  13. Arrival at the Hachiko statue