Omoide Yokocho(Shinjuku)

Step by Step

  1. At the “Omoide Yokocho” the atmosphere of the Showa period remains strong
  2. On this street you’ll find cheap but delicious unique bars
  3. This spot is popular underneath tourists
  4. On this narrow street Izakaya and Yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurants are lined up
  5. Around 80 different bars and restaurants can be found here
  6. Every place offers low prices and great food
  7. You can also eat Soba, Udon and other delicious foods here
  8. When visiting Shinjuku, please DIVE into this deep cultural place
  9. How to visit the Omoide Yokocho (From JR Shinjuku Station, East Exit)
  10. Leave the JR Shinjuku Station via the East Gate
  11. Turn left
  12. Move up the stairs to the right
  13. You’ll see a large monitor on the Studio ALTA building
  14. Continue to the left and cross the street
  15. Turn right
  16. Move through the tunnel to your left
  17. Arrival at the Omoide Yokocho
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