Ginza Corridor Street (Shimbashi)

Step by Step

  1. The Ginza Corridor Street with many sophisticated restaurants
  2. On this street you can enjoy various kinds of gourmet foods
  3. A popular restaurant district representing Tokyo to enjoy both foods and drinks
  4. The Ginza Corridor St. is a famous restaurant district where high quality restaurants and bars are gathered
  5. Let us introduce the three best restaurants in the Ginza Corridor St.
  6. Kinniku Shokudo
  7. A restaurant specialized on high protein and low carb meals
  8. A place for everyone in training or on a diet
  9. You can train your body while enjoying a delicious meal
  10. You can choose from variety of drinks such as a protein shake or alcoholic beverages and so on
  11. Tachinomi Marugin
  12. Marugin is an always lively standing bar
  13. You can also eat their fantastic grilled skewers
  14. Japanese often drinks a whisky with soda (called “Highball”) at dinner
  15. You can taste various dishes that are the perfect for beer and highball at affordable price
  16. Kinki Daigaku Suisankenkyujo
  17. The Kindai University succeeded the world’s first bluefin tuna aquaculture
  18. You can taste high quality and fresh fish which managed by the Kindai University Aquaculture Research Institute
  19. Besides bluefin tuna you can taste variety of fishes here
  20. It’s even more delicious if you taste it together with the Premium Malt’s Beer
  21. Why don’t you visit the Ginza Corridor St. where the representative restaurant district for Tokyo
  22. Directions to The Ginza Corridor Street. From JR Shimbashi Station
  23. Turn left after you exit the ticket gate of Ginza
  24. Cross three streets
  25. Arrival at The Ginza Corridor St.