Step by Step

  1. This restaurant supports your body making with high protein low calorie food
  2. It is recommended to those who are training or want to go on a diet
  3. You can enjoy sake with your food
  4. A restaurant specializing in high protein low calorie food
  5. Many fitness gurus visit here
  6. They have a “power up menu”, as well as high protein/low carb menu
  7. So this restaurant is recommended for those training or on a diet
  8. The restaurant is known for its good taste and has many repeaters
  9. The amount of calories, protein, fat, carbs are written on the menu, so you can order based on this
  10. There are a range of drinks, from low-carb beer, highballs, to protein smoothies
  11. To all those who are body making, why not visit here?
  12. How to visit KINNIKU SHOKUDO from JR Shinbashi Station
  13. Leave the Ginza ticket gate
  14. Move to the left
  15. Cross 3 roads
  16. Walk straight
  17. Cross the road
  18. Arrival at KINNIKU SHOKUDO