Tachinomi Marugin (Shimbashi)

Step by Step

  1. The special charcoal grilled skewers are recommended
  2. Plenty of foods that fit perfecty to beer and highballs
  3. This place is famous for being the first to serve high balls
  4. This is a drink while standing bar where you can enjoy both foods and drinks
  5. The inside is always full of life
  6. The excellent skewers are popular
  7. Please taste many different skewers as it is possible to order one skewer at a time
  8. This place is also famous for being the first Highball server in Japan
  9. In Japan people often drink a mix of whisky and soda (Highball) while eating
  10. This place is a good value bar where you can also taste snacks for a reasonable price
  11. The closing ramen are excellent
  12. How about enjoying drinks and food at this bar?
  13. Directions to Tachinomi Marugin From JR Shimbashi Station
  14. Leave via the Ginza Gate and continue to the left
  15. Cross three streets
  16. Follow along the Korido Dori
  17. Arrival at Tachinomi Marugin