Enjoy Karaoke! (Shinjuku)

Step by Step

  1. Where do you go to have some fun at night?
  2. Japanese people go to karaoke!
  3. Did you know that karaoke emerged in Japan?
  4. This is how to enjoy Japanese karaoke
  5. First off all, tell the receptionist the amount of people and the planned duration of your stay
  6. There are many plans available such as all you can drink, long stay and free time plans
  7. When asked about the karaoke model
  8. We recommend JOYSOUND!
  9. Once you they give you your room number
  10. Lets move!
  11. This is the remote control to pick your songs
  12. You can change the language to English, Chinese and Korean
  13. You can search by song name
  14. As well as by artist
  15. You can also pick a song from the popular anime ranking
  16. All microphones have been disinfected beforehand
  17. When using JOYSOUND all songs offer lyrics in the standard alphabet so you can also easily sing Japanese songs
  18. You can order food and drinks using the special tablet
  19. The food will be brought to your room
  20. The food is delicious as well! ※Depending on season and store, the menus offered might vary
  21. Let’s have some fun with the tomato juice Russian roulette! (1 of the 6 shots is super spicy)
  22. Depending on the store you can also wear a cosplay while singing karaoke
  23. You can also have fun by using the ranking function
  24. When coming to Japan Please enjoy karaoke!
  25. Directions to JOYSOUND from JR Shinjuku West Exit
  26. Start from the West Exit and move up using the escalator
  27. Leave the station and turn left
  28. Follow the path
  29. Cross the street to your right
  30. After walking straight…
  31. Arrival at JOYSOUND♪
  32. Website https://shop.joysound.com/welcome-karaoke/