Yanaka Ginza(Nippori)

Step by Step

  1. A shopping street with down-town flair
  2. Many tourists visit this place
  3. A shopping street recommended for take-out food
  4. The „Yuyake Dandan“, famous for the beautiful sunset is close to this street
  5. This place is also popular for its many cats
  6. Move downstairs and head towards the Yanaka Ginza
  7. The Yanaka Ginza is always filled with people
  8. There are also many various goods stores and more
  9. This is the perfect spot for eating a snack while exploring the area as there are many stores offering take-out food
  10. How about having some fun in the Yanaka Ginza?
  11. How to visit the Yanaka Ginza(From JR Nippori Station)
  12. Head towards the North Gate
  13. Leave via the West Exit
  14. Leave the station and continue to the left
  15. Move straight and follow the path
  16. Cross the street
  17. After walking for a little while…
  18. Arrival at the Yanaka Ginza