Cat Street(Meiji Jingu)

Step by Step

  1. Cat Street is lined with fancy stores
  2. As well as delicious restaurants
  3. The best way to enjoy is to eat around
  4. “Cat Street” is popular to many tourists from abroad
  5. Some of the popular restaurants are:
  6. Wara Tako (Harajuku Omotesando Store)
  7. Here you can eat Takoyaki, a must-eat
  8. Inside it is little bits of octopus
  9. There are many different tastes to choose from
  10. LUKE’S LOBSTER Omotesando Store
  11. Here you can enjoy lobster rolls
  12. It is full of delicious lobster
  13. The Alley Lujiaoxiang
  14. The bubble tea drink is popular among young Japanese women
  15. The photogenic deer is the symbol!
  16. Try the bubble tea drink made with selected ingredients
  17. You can enjoy a chewy texture and the rich sweetness of milk tea
  19. The buns are made of selected natural yeast
  20. The soft buns and the juicy patty is the best
  21. Why not enjoy various foods at this street?
  22. How to visit Cat Street(from Meiji Jingu-mae Station)
  23. Exit station and turn left
  24. Cross the road to your right
  25. Walk straight
  26. Arrival at Cat Street