Shin-Okubo walk and eat (Shin-Okubo)

Step by Step

  1. The Shin-Okubo Korea-Town in Tokyo
  2. A place to enjoy many kinds of snacks
  3. A place popular for its photogenic foods
  4. Here you will find a variety of Korean restaurants and take-out foods
  5. A popular Hot-Dog food stand
  6. Filled with creamy mozzarella cheese
  7. “uncle joe“ is a popular store in Korea selling thundercloud ice
  8. These photogenic foods have a great impact on social media
  9. How about enjoying some take-out foods here?
  10. How to visit Shin-Okubo From Shin-Okubo Station
  11. JR Shin-Okubo Station
  12. Leave through the ticket gate and turn right
  13. Walk straight for a little while
  14. Cross the street to your left
  15. On this street you will find stores lined up next to another to enjoy various gourmet foods