Tokyo Dome City(Suidobashi)

Step by Step

  1. An urban-type amusement park with the Tokyo Dome as a center
  2. This amusement park can be enjoyed by both children and adults
  3. You can enjoy this parks staple attractions
  4. Buy a ticket for the attraction you want to ride
  5. Use the ticket counter to buy a one-day pass
  6. Attractions like the Thunder Dolphin, also called “Scream Machine” are popular
  7. There are many attractions that can also be enjoyed by small children without any worries
  8. How about visiting this amusement park?
  9. How to get to the Tokyo Dome City(From JR Suidobashi Station)
  10. Head towards the East Exit
  11. Leave the station and turn left
  12. Cross the street
  13. Follow the path
  14. Arrival at the Tokyo Dome City♪