Step by Step

  1. A café to get in touch with hedgehogs
  2. Many animal loving people visit this café
  3. They are also selling hedgehogs
  4. The prices are: 30 Minutes: 1300 Yen, 60 Minutes: 2500 Yen
  5. Inside the café you can relax while enjoying your time with the hedgehogs
  6. You can also pet the hedgehogs when wearing a glove
  7. And you can also feed them
  8. You can buy your favourite drink here
  9. How about visiting this café and getting in touch with hedgehogs?
  10. How to visit the HARRY HARAJUKU (From JR Harajuku Station)
  11. JR Harajuku Station
  12. Head towards the Omotesando Gate
  13. Cross the street in front of you and turn right
  14. Turn left
  15. Walk straight for a little while
  16. Move up the the 4th floor using the elevator
  17. Arrival at the HARRY HARAJUKU