Snoopy Museum Tokyo (Machida)

Step by Step

  1. The only official satellite in the world of the Schulz Museum of Art
  2. There are exhibits about the characters and authors of “Peanuts”, including precious originals
  3. There even is a “Peanut Café” to immerse yourself in the world of Peanuts
  4. Opening Theater
  5. Using multiple screens, a new original animation is shown
  6. Charles Schulz Gallery
  7. Look back on the history of the author Charles Schulz with photos and images
  8. Peanuts Gang Gallery
  9. The classic episodes and trivia of the comic “Peanuts” are on display
  10. On a closer look, the illustrations on the walls are drawn in dots to reproduce the print of the newspaper
  11. Reproductions and vintage goods are on display
  12. On the terrace, Snoopy is challenging you to a golf tournament
  13. The audience consists of Snoopy’s friends and family
  14. Snoopy Room
  15. There are many big Snoopies on display
  16. You can also see Snoopy in some unique poses which you don’t see often
  17. Woodstock Room
  18. A Woodstock-inspired space
  19. You can read Snoopy books here
  20. You can also enjoy some original episodes
  21. The exhibition consists of original drawings borrowed from the Schulz Museum of Art
  22. The exhibition changes every six months
  24. A Museum Shop where you can buy goods available only here
  25. You can buy original goods and collaboration products with popular brands here
  26. PEANUTS Cafe Snoopy Museum
  27. The PEANUTS Cafe next to the museum
  28. Inside you are greeted by the peanut gang
  29. Place your order via the tablet
  30. You can enjoy a rich menu created in the image of Peanuts
  31. How about coming in touch with the charm of the Peanut Gang at the Snoopy Museum?