How to dive into the world of Kabuki

Step by Step

  1. A traditional art form with 400 years of history
  2. Now an actor in his twenties inherits this legacy
  3. "Kabuki" comprises music, dance and acting
  4. The kabuki actor Nakamura Kangyoku
  5. He will now transform into a young man from the 12th century
  6. Makeup has been developed to express beauty and to reflect the role
  7. Hairstyles express the characters' age and social position
  8. Beautiful costumes can also be dazzling
  9. The actor plays Ushiwakamaru who aims to restore the Genji Clan. He is ready to go on stage
  10. The 'Chrysanthemum Garden' scene from 'Kiichi Hōgen's Book of Tactics'
  11. The actor Nakamura Baigyoku (a footman)
  12. The actor Nakamura Kaishun (a princess)
  13. Kangyoku appears from the 'hanamichi', a runway passing through the auditorium
  14. His movements express the character's beauty
  15. The story evolves with Takemoto narration and shamisen music
  16. Fighting scenes are also beautifully staged
  17. Picture-like 'mie' poses highlight dramatic moments in the story
  18. All female roles in kabuki are played by men
  19. Kabuki is an entertainment that is still alive today
  20. Come and experience time travel here at the Kabukiza Theatre