Recommended dinners in Tokyo

Step by Step

  1. A collection of places chosen by DIVE JAPAN’s editors
  2. Project 4: recommended dinners in Tokyo
  3. Gonpachi (Nishiazabu)
  4. An Izakaya that was also used for discussions between the leaders of Japan and the United States
  5. You can enjoy grilled skewers, soba, tempura and more
  6. Jiromaru (Shibuya)
  7. An eat-while-standing yakiniku restaurant where you can eat high quality yakiniku at a reasonable price
  8. You can even order only a single slice of any meat of your choice
  9. Stand Bar Marugin (Ginza)
  10. A standing izakaya where you can relax and enjoy sake and meals
  11. We recommend the Highballs and charcoal grilled skewers
  12. Hope to see you in Japan someday