Step by Step

  1. The recently popular eating-whilst-standing Yakiniku restaurant Jiromaru
  2. You can order one slice of meat at a time
  3. Here you can enjoy quality meat for a reasonable price
  4. Your stomach relaxes when eating whilst standing
  5. Here you can order your favourite cut of meat one slice at a time
  6. You can also pick your grilling tools
  7. How about tasting some delicious Yakiniku at this restaurant?
  8. How to visit Jiromaru from JR Shibuya Station
  9. JR Shibuya Station
  10. Head towards the Hachiko Exit
  11. Cross the Shibuya Crossing to the left
  12. Turn right
  13. Walk for a little bit and turn right 
  14. Arrival at Jiromaru