Visiting a landmark from the film “Kimi no Na Wa” (directed by Makoto Shinkai)

Step by Step

  1. Introducing the way to the most famous landmark of the film in Tokyo, the Suga-Shrine
  2. JR Yotsuya Station
  3. Go upstairs and look for the ticket gates
  4. After leaving through the ticket gates, head left
  5. Turn left again,
  6. then move up the ramp to your right
  7. Cross the street
  8. Now follow the street for a while
  9. Cross the street and keep going straight
  10. Here, turn left
  11. Cross the street
  12. After crossing, continue to the right and then take the first left turn.
  13. Walk straight for a little bit
  14. Once you start to go downhill, you are almost there
  15. Arrival!
  16. Let’s go up the stairs!
  17. After enjoying your time at this famous place, how about visiting the Suga-Shrine as well before heading back home