Tempozan Ferris Wheel(Osakako)

Step by Step

  1. One of the largest ferris wheel in the world
  2. You can enjoy a view of Osaka
  3. Inside, you can find a guided tour of the view in Japanese or English
  4. Buy at ticket at the counter
  5. Hand in your ticket at the entrance
  6. The ride takes 15 minutes
  7. The fully transparent car is most popular
  8. You can catch a view of Osaka from 112m up in the sky
  9. Why not try this ferris wheel?
  10. How to visit Tempozan Ferris Wheel from Osaka Metro Chuo-line Osakako Station
  11. Head to Exit 1
  12. Exit the station and walk straight
  13. Cross the road
  14. Walk straight
  15. Cross the road
  16. Go inside Kaiyukan
  17. You’ve arrived at the ferris wheel entrance ♪