Enjoy Aomori, for Winter

Step by Step

  1. A tourist spot with seasonal charm in the Aomori prefecture
  2. Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and you will arrive within 3 hours
  3. Introducing a spot which we recommend visiting during winter
  4. Tsugaru Tetsudo Stove Train
  5. Using the potbelly stove on board, coal is being used as fuel
  6. Inside the train you can buy squid and alcohol
  7. So you can broil it on the stove and eat it
  8. It is also very popular with tourists
  9. The Tachineputa Museum
  10. Here you can get a close look of the large scale Tachineputa floats that are used for the festivals
  11. For a small price you can create your own Tachineputa float as well
  12. Nakamachi Komise Street
  13. This street features a history that goes back to the early Edo period
  14. Katana no Iori (The Katana cabin)
  15. A Swordsman will explain the production process and appreciation manners of Japanese swords to you (Reservation required)
  16. Sometimes you can actually see them forging a sword (Please check when reserving)
  17. Aomori is also famous for its variety of delicious Japanese Sake (Rice wine)
  18. Here you can eat delicious foods like seafood unique to Aomori which is another reason for its charm
  19. Sukayu Onsen Ryokan
  20. An Onsen (Hot spring) discovered about 300 years ago
  21. The mixed large public bath called “Hiba Sennin Furo” (1000-People bath) is very famous
  22. The Tsugaru Shamisen Hall
  23. Here you can enjoy live music of the Tsugaru Shamisen
  24. The Aomori Tourist Information Center, ASPAM
  25. A commercial facility introducing the industry, tourism products and local performing arts of the Aomori prefecture
  26. You can also buy Aomori prefecture specialty goods and other things here
  27. From the observatory on the 13th floor you can enjoy a 360° view of the Aomori city
  28. The tourist information providing guidance in multiple languages can be found on the 2nd floor
  29. How do you like the Aomori of winter?
  30. As there are many sceneries limited to the winter season, we recommend visiting Aomori during winter