Gaien Icho-Namiki(Gaien-mae)

Step by Step

  1. A yellow-leaves spot representing Tokyo
  2. On both sides of the avenue 146 Ginkgo trees are lined up
  3. Please enjoy this picturesque scenery
  4. This around 300m long street is also called the “Golden Road”
  5. You can enjoy this scenery anually during the end of November until the beginning of december
  6. How about visiting autumnal leaves trees coloring the Meiji Jingu
  7. How to visit the Gaien Icho-Namiki
  8. Subway Gaien-mae Station
  9. Leave via the Gaien Icho-Namiki Side Gate
  10. Heas towards Exit 4a
  11. Turn left
  12. Arrival at the Gaien Icho-Namiki