Coffee Kingyo-zaka(Hongo-sanchome)

Step by Step

  1. A Goldfish store run for 350 years
  2. It’s also a restaurant where you can see goldfish while eating
  3. This is a popular spot for relaxation in the city
  4. For 700 Yen adults can also enjoy fishing
  5. Many fish a swimming in these fish tanks and aquariums
  6. Let’s go inside
  7. Inside you’ll find goldfish everywhere you look
  8. Here you can also enjoy both coffee and foods
  9. How to visit the Coffee Kingyo-zaka from Subway Hongo-sanchome Station
  10. Subway Marunouchi Line
  11. Hongo-sanchome Station
  12. Head towards Exit 1
  13. Leave the station and turn right
  14. Walk straight for a little while
  15. Cross the street to your left
  16. Cross the street to your right
  17. Keep walking for a little while
  18. Turn right
  19. Turn left
  20. Again, turn left
  21. Turn right
  22. Walk straight for a little while
  23. Turn left
  24. Arrival at the Coffee Kingyo-zaka