Step by Step

  1. A store to buy high quality figures
  2. There are lots of American character figures
  3. You can have fun just by looking around
  4. A flagship store of “Hot Toys”, a Toy maker famous for its high quality
  5. Find things from high quality figures to classic characters
  6. Sometimes there are collaborations with movies playing at the theaters
  7. There are cute figures like these too
  8. A bag in collaboration with Marvel too!
  9. Why not buy some figures here?
  10. How to visit Toy Sapiens from JR Harajuku Station
  11. Head to Takeshita Exit
  12. Cross the road
  13. Walk along Takeshita Street
  14. Cross the road
  15. Turn left
  16. Walk straight
  17. Keep along the street and turn
  18. Keep along the street
  19. Arrival at Toy Sapiens