LINE STORE(Harajyuku)

Step by Step

  1. Do you know him?
  2. This is the LINE FRIENDS STORE in Harajuku

  3. Here you can find many familiar faces
  4. LINE, a messaging app created their original characters
  5. And named them LINE FRIENDS
  6. At the flagship shop in harajuku you can meetCharacters turned into various kinds of goods
  7. But who can resist to post them?
  8. They say his mother is a white bear and his father is a black bear
  9. You can also see BT21:Characters who were created by the K-pop band BTS
  10. They have a lot of fashion items as well

  11. Just make sure not to buy all of it at
  12. Directions to LINE FRIENDS STORE (From Harajuku station)
  13. Head to the Omotesando gate
  14. Turn left at the open-out Jingubashi crossing

  15. Go down the “Omotesando” hill
  16. Turn left at the big crossing “Meijijingu-mae”(Where Tokyu Plaza is located at)
  17. Walk straight a little bit

  18. Arrival at the LINE FRIENDS STORE
  19. Let’s take Insta-worthy pics
  20. And get a ton of Kawaii souvenirs