eXcafe Kyoto Arashiyama (Arashiyama)

Step by Step

  1. The “Hokuhoku Dango Set” that you can grill and eat by yourself is popular
  2. You can also enjoy Matcha here
  3. You can enjoy a meal while feeling Japan’s special atmosphere
  4. The cafe is in a nice renovated old private house
  5. You can also enjoy your meal in a Japanese Tatami Room (Table seats are also available)
  6. You can eat while looking out at the Japanese garden
  7. With the “Hokuhoku Dango Set” you can enjoy Matcha and Dango
  8. As you are grilling the Dango yourself, you can eat freshly grilled dumplings here
  9. You eat it with either mitarashi (Sugar and Soy Sauce) or Anko (Azuki beans kneaded with sugar)
  10. Both are like sauces used in Japanese sweets
  11. How about trying freshly grilled Dango at this place?
  12. Directions to eXcafe Kyoto Arashiyama Honten from the Arashiyama Station platform
  13. Turn left
  14. Continue straight
  15. Turn left
  16. After walking for a little bit
  17. Arrival at eXcafe Kyoto Arashiyama Honten