Nishiki Market(Shijo)

Step by Step

  1. A market with 400 years of history
  2. It is fun to eat around
  3. Many tourists from abroad
  4. This market has supported Kyoto food culture
  5. Always busy with tourists
  6. In the arcade there are around 130 shops
  7. All the shops will treat you politely
  8. You can buy a variety of Kyoto food
  9. There are shops with sake, food, and sweets
  10. Why not come to enjoy this market?
  11. How to visit Nishiki Market(From subway station Shijo)
  12. Head to Exit 18
  13. Climb the stairs and reach ground level
  14. Exit the station and turn left
  15. Go straight
  16. Turn left
  17. Walk a little more,
  18. Arrival at Nishiki Market