Step by Step

  1. Famous for its small sandwiches
  2. The inside has the “wa” feel of Kyoto
  3. You can find sandwich shops and paper goods and stationery shops within
  4. This store is located on a street with Japanese atmosphere
  5. The first floor is a sandwich shop
  6. You can enjoy sandwiches and smoothies
  7. The second floor sells paper knick knacks
  8. You can buy Japanese design letter paper and gift money envelopes
  9. Why not come here to enjoy some food and shopping?
  10. How to visit ROCCA&FRIENDS PAPIER KYOTO from Shijo station
  11. Head to Exit 2
  12. Go up to ground level and turn left
  13. Cross the road and turn right
  14. Turn left
  15. Walk straight
  16. Turn left
  17. Turn right
  18. You’ve arrived♪