Step by Step

  1. A street in which the typical Kyoto atmosphere remains strong
  2. There is a large variety of restaurants
  3. A spot where you can feel the traditions of Kyoto
  4. Pontocho is a 500-meter alley along the Kamogawa River
  5. A popular spot also visited by many tourists
  6. The lined up traditional buildings allow you to feel Kyoto’s atmosphere
  7. There are a lot of stylish restaurants and it is popular with young people
  8. There are many places to enjoy foods and sweets
  9. How about feeling Kyoto’s atmosphere at this spot?
  10. Directions to Pontocho from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
  11. Head towards Exit 1
  12. Move up the stairs to your left
  13. Leave the Station and turn left
  14. Continue straight
  15. After turning left…
  16. Arrival at Pontocho