Koe donuts (Kawaramachi)

Step by Step

  1. With “wellness“ as its theme, this café makes low-calorie donuts
  2. They are carefully made with only the best ingredients
  3. You can eat freshly made doughnuts as the bakery is attached to the café
  4. The interior is decorated with traditional hexagon woven baskets made from bamboo of Arashiyama in Kyoto
  5. You can see the whole manufacturing process from inside the store
  6. There are many kinds of donuts
  7. How about trying these special donuts at this café?
  8. Directions to koe donuts From Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
  9. Head towards Exit 6
  10. Leave the station and turn right
  11. Walk straight
  12. Enter the Shinkyogoku Shopping Street
  13. Walk straight
  14. Arrival at koe donuts