Step by Step

  1. These sweets are like cheese fondue but with matcha paste
  2. You can enjoy it along with a view of the Uji river
  3. These matcha sweets are delicious and fragrant
  4. Sabou Kunugi, is located near the Uji river
  5. You can see the Uji river from inside
  6. The “matcha fondue”, dipped in hot matcha paste, is most popular
  7. The fondue is enjoyed with Shiratama balls
  8. Why not come here and enjoy some matcha fondue?
  9. How to visit Sabou Kunugi from Keihan Uji station
  10. Head to exit 2
  11. Exit the station and turn right
  12. Keep walking
  13. Cross the road
  14. Walk to your left
  15. Walk straight
  16. Arrival at Sabou Kunugi