Soiree(Shijo Kawara-machi)

Step by Step

  1. A coffee shop established in 1948
  2. The inside is otherworldly and beautiful
  3. Try the staple, the “jelly punch” that looks like a gem
  4. The interior has an air of nostalgia
  5. The “jelly punch” is a popular order
  6. Inside the soda there are colorful jellies and fruits
  7. Many people visit to try the punch
  8. Why not come here to try dessert the looks like a gem?
  9. How to visit Soiree (Hankyu line Shijo Kawaramachi Station)
  10. Leave from the east exit
  11. Head to exit A
  12. Exit the station and turn right
  13. Arrival at Soiree