How to get to Osaka Castle

Step by Step

  1. The outstanding Osaka Castle inside the park
  2. Introducing the way to the Osaka Castle from the JR Osakajokoen Station
  3. JR Osakajokoen Station
  4. Go upstairs and look for the ticket gate
  5. After going through the ticket gate, head to the left
  6. After continuing downstairs, walk straight for a little bit
  7. Keep walking
  8. Along the convenience market
  9. Follow the path along to the left
  10. And walk straight again
  11. In the distance you can see the Osaka Castle already!
  12. Cross the street and turn right
  13. Here, turn left
  14. Walk along the street
  15. After going through the gate...
  16. You are already close to the Osaka Castle
  17. Turn right
  18. Cross the bridge
  19. After making your way up the hill...
  20. You will arrive at the Osaka Castle
  21. Make your way around and head for the entrance
  22. Here you can buy your ticket
  23. Adults are 600Yen, Children under 15 Years are free of charge
  24. After buying your ticket, show your ticket to the personnel and enter the Castle area
  25. Please be aware that it takes 10-20 minutes from the Station to the Castle