Osaka Castle (Osaka City)

Step by Step

  1. Osaka Castle, the symbol of Osaka
  2. Its 400-year-old appearance has been carefully restored
  3. You must see the Osaka Castle when visiting Osaka
  4. A popular spot for many tourists, Osaka Castle
  5. There sometimes are queues at the ticket counter
  6. Buy admission tickets (Adults are 600Yen)
  7. It’s free for junior high school students and younger
  8. Hand over your ticket and enter
  9. Inside the castle information about the Osaka Castle and more is on display
  10. The observatory offers a 360° view of Osaka
  11. Here you can also buy souvenirs unique to Osaka Castle
  12. How about visiting this famous place of Osaka, the Osaka Castle
  13. Directions to Osaka Castle from Osakajokoen Station
  14. Leave the station and move downstairs
  15. Walk straight
  16. Turn left
  17. Continue straight
  18. Turn right
  19. Turn left
  20. Follow the path
  21. Go through the gate
  22. Turn right
  23. Cross the bridge to your left
  24. Move upstairs
  25. Arrival at Osaka Castle