MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO( Osaka-jo koen)

Step by Step

  1. A commercial complex in a historical building
  2. There are restaurants and gift shops
  3. Some shops have Ninja goods
  4. The building is a renewal of Osaka city museum
  5. Let’s go inside
  6. The roof is a eating facility with a view of Osaka castle
  7. The seats are kotatsu-like
  8. You can enjoy the nice view
  9. Enjoy a variety of food and gift shops
  10. Also a Japanese trinket store
  11. How to visit MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO(From Osaka-jo Koen station)
  12. Exit station and go down the stairs
  13. Follow the road
  14. Turn left
  15. Go straight
  16. Turn right
  17. Turn left
  18. Follow the road
  19. Turn right
  20. Cross the bridge
  21. Keep along the road
  22. Turn left
  23. Turn right
  24. Arrival at MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO