551 Horai (Namba)

Step by Step

  1. A shop well known for pork buns, one of Osaka’s staple foods
  2. You can buy pork buns full of onion and pork
  3. This store is popular, often selling 140 thousand per day
  4. There are lines depending on the time
  5. 551 Horai pork buns are all hand cooked
  6. The pastry and filling is made at their factory
  7. Inside the pork bun there is some juicy filling
  8. Why not come visit here to devour the tasty pork buns?
  9. How to visit 551 Horai from Namba station
  10. Start from Namba central ticket gate
  11. Head to Exit 11
  12. Leave the exit and walk straight
  13. Turn right
  14. Walk straight
  15. Arrival at 551 Horai ♪