Step by Step

  1. A town that nurtured youth culture in Minami, Osaka
  2. 200,000 young people visit this place during weekends
  3. A town to enjoy food, fashion and music
  4. The area on the west side of the Shinsaibashi Subway Station is the America-mura
  5. There are a lot of fashion shops here
  6. One of the characteristics of this place is that there are a lot of second hand clothing stores
  7. Because each shop has its unique characteristic, you can look for clothes in various shops
  8. You can also enjoy all kinds of foods as there are many take-out shops
  9. We recommend the Takoyaki from Kogaryu
  10. It is a long established Takoyaki restaurant that opened in 1974
  11. The exquisite homemade sauce Takoyaki
  12. How about enjoying shopping and foods in this village?
  13. Directions to America-mura From Subway Shinsaibashi Station
  14. Head to Exit 7
  15. Leave the station and turn right
  16. Continue straight
  17. Turn right
  18. Continue straight
  19. Cross the street
  20. Cross the pedestrian crossing to your left
  21. Arrival at America-mura, Mitsu Park