Ebisu Tower(Namba)

Step by Step

  1. An inside-the-city Ferris wheel in Osaka
  2. You can get a full view of Osaka from high up
  3. They take commemorative photos too
  4. Ebisu Tower is next to “Don Quijote”, a discount store
  5. Climb up to the 3rd floor
  6. Buy a ticket from the machine:Standard pass 600 yen,Unlimited pass 500 yen
  7. Ride the ferris wheel following the announcement
  8. They take commemorative photos(options to purchase)
  9. You can slowly enjoy a view of Osaka from high up
  10. Why not view the whole Osaka city from this ferris wheel?
  11. How to visit Ebisu Tower (from Subway Namba Station)
  12. Head towards Exit 14
  13. Go up to ground level and turn left
  14. Walk straight for a while
  15. Go down the stairs
  16. Go straight
  17. Arrival at Ebisu Tower