Ebisu Tower(Namba)

Step by Step

  1. A ferris wheel inside Osaka City
  2. You can see the entire Osaka from high up
  3. They take photos for you
  4. There is a Don Quixote inside Ebisu Tower
  5. Go to the third floor
  6. Buy a ticket
  7. The ticket is 600 yen
  8. Follow the announcement and hop on
  9. They will take a photo for you (can be purchased)
  10. You can enjoy a view of Osaka from up in the sky
  11. Why not come here to see a view of Osaka?
  12. How to visit Ebisu Tower from Namba subway station
  13. Head towards Exit 14
  14. Go up to ground level and turn left
  15. Walk straight for a while
  16. Go down the stairs
  17. Go straight
  18. Arrival at Ebisu Tower