Minatomachi River Place(Minato City)

Step by Step

  1. A shopping center with concert halls, event facilities, and restaurants
  2. Occasional events are held here, such as free markets
  3. A popular, relaxed spot near the riverside
  4. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views of Dotonbori
  5. There are various cafes and restaurants
  6. Enjoy delicious food and sweets here
  7. There are occasional free markets
  8. Why not come to this relaxing place?
  9. How to visit Minatomachi River Place from JR Namba Station
  10. Exit the ticket gate and head to Namba Walk
  11. Leave the exit and turn left
  12. Go down the stairs
  13. Keep walking
  14. Climb the stairs to your left
  15. Turn left
  16. Turn left again
  17. Arrival at Minatomachi River Place