Kitchenware Shopping Street(Namba)

Step by Step

  1. On this shopping street stores specialized on selling kitchenware are lined up
  2. From tableware to kitchenware, here you can find anything you could want
  3. It is also fun to just enjoy looking at the various cooking tools sold here
  4. Here you will find stores selling the kitchenware used in most japanese bars and restaurants
  5. As things like your usual tableware are also sold here, many people visit this place
  6. Specialized stores like tableware, food samples and kitchen knife stores are found here as well
  7. As it’s also fun to just look at the various products, how about visiting this shopping street?
  8. Metro Namba Station(Minami-Minami Gate)
  9. Head towards Exit E5
  10. Enter the NAMBA Nannan building
  11. Leave via the Exit with E5 written on it
  12. Enter this shopping street
  13. Walk straight for a little while
  14. Here, turn right
  15. After following this street...
  16. Arrival at the kitchenware shopping street