Jump Shop(Umeda)

Step by Step

  1. Here you can buy goods of One Piece, Dragon Ball…
  2. and other popular Shonen Jump series
  3. The Jump Shop also sells limited edition items
  4. Inside the store many character goods are sold
  5. Goods of the popular Once Piece series are also sold here
  6. Here you can buy goods of the popular main characters as well as goods of supporting characters
  7. We recommend coming here if you like Manga ir Anime
  8. How to visit the Jump Shop(From Osaka Metro, Umeda Station)
  9. Leave via the Central South Gate
  10. Head towards Exit 6
  11. Move up the escalator
  12. Continue straight
  13. Turn left
  14. Cross the street to your right
  15. Enter this building
  16. Move up to the 6th floor using the elevator
  17. Arrival at the Jump Shop