Step by Step

  1. A commercial facility complex in the head of Osaka
  2. One of Umedas landmarks
  3. From here you can enjoy a 360° of Osaka
  4. Head to the 7th floor using the elevator
  5. Boarding tickets are 600Yen/Ticket
  6. Show your ticket and enter
  7. Board the gondola following the instructions
  8. Here you can see Kansais famous places in one sweep
  9. The ride takes around 15 minutes
  10. How about boarding the HEP FIVE when visiting Umeda?
  11. How to visit the HEP FIVE(From Osaka Metro Umeda Station)
  12. Start from the Naka-minami Gate
  13. Leave via Exit 6
  14. Move up the escalator
  15. Walk straight
  16. Turn left
  17. Turn right
  18. Cross the street
  19. Arrival at the HEP FIVE