Teppanyaki Rio(JR Osaka Station)

Step by Step

  1. At this Teppanyaki restaurant you can enjoy daring cooking right in front of your eyes
  2. You can also eat high quality Kobe beef here
  3. Another highlight is the fresh fish
  4. Because chefs are cooking right in front of your eyes you can also enjoy their show
  5. The high-quality Kobe and Matsusaka beef is prepared by skilled chefs
  6. The charme of the dynamic performance is something unique to Teppanyaki
  7. You can experience the delicious high-quality ingredients and the preparation of each dish with your five senses
  8. Enjoying the fresh and delicious ingredients surely is what makes Teppanyaki something special
  9. Dishes using live spiny lobster and abalone also make for a stunning meal
  10. Besides beer, this place also offers wine, whiskey and various kinds of Japanese Sake
  11. How about enjoying carefully selected ingredients and amazing cooking skills at the Teppanyaki Rio
  12. How to visit the Teppanyaki Rio From JR Osaka Station
  13. Start from the Bridge Exit
  14. Head towards the South Central Exit
  15. Move to the 1st floor using the escalator
  16. Leave the station and walk to the large street
  17. Turn right
  18. Cross the street to your left
  19. Cross the next street as well
  20. Enter the Osaka Maru Bldg (大阪マルビル)
  21. Move to the 7th floor using the elevator
  22. Arrival at the Teppanyaki Rio