Tsutenkaku (From the Dōbutsuen-mae (Zoo) Station)

Step by Step

  1. The famous 108m tall tower which represents Osaka
  2. Introducing the way to the Tsutenkaku
  3. Osaka City, Midōsuji Line, Dōbutsuen-mae (Zoo) Station
  4. Head for Exit No. 1
  5. After leaving the Ticket Gate, Exit No. 1 will be on the left in front of you
  6. Turn left
  7. Pass through underneath the train rails
  8. Walk along the inside of the shopping arcade
  9. This downtown area is called “Shin Sekai” or, “New World”
  10. Here you’ll find many cheap but tasty bars and restaurants
  11. Here, turn left
  12. After continuing straight for a little bit...
  13. There will be a large blowfish just above your head! Here, turn right
  14. You are getting close to the Tsutenkaku!
  15. To get inside, you need to enter the underground city
  16. Here you can buy your ticket
  17. After buying your ticket, you can take the elevator up to the obervation deck
  18. Enjoy your stay!